Tupperware At Lunch Peanuts 1pc
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Tupperware At Lunch Peanuts 1pc

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Packing a lunch in a tiffin is always a pain – where do you fit in the apple and juice pack when most of the space is already taken up by the paranthas or the sandwiches? Tupperware makes this chore easier with its AtLunch box which is capacious without being bulky and comes with a flexible divider that lets you compartmentalize the box as and when you need it. The AtLunch box keeps your lunch and snacks fresh, and with its vibrant colours, it looks good while it does so! Take it to work, for an outing or pop it into your child’s schoolbag – it’ll fit in everywhere!

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Carry a variety of meals in this compact, hinged lunchbox. Can be used to pack dry items like sandwiches, paranthas, burgers, rolls and semi dry items like salads, rice or pasta. Also has space to accomodate a piece of fruit or a beverage.

  • Airtight: The lunch box is airtight making it perfect for carrying solid, dry food items.
  • Easy to Open and Close: Press the two latches on the wide tab with your thumbs to open, then lift the cover at either cutaway. Close the cover and snap the tab back in place for a completely secure closure. With a sturdy hinge, the lunch box opens freely and the cover stays out of the way as you eat.
  • Easy Fit: Easy to carry and compact enough to fit inside a school bag.
  • Flexi Divider: The flexible central divider has two positions that allow the box to be used in different ways. In the first position the divider acts as a shelf; use this to put slices of bread or a large sandwich under the divider and on top additional foods, which can be kept separate by the centre divider. In the second position fold one side of the divider under and snap in place, leaving a deeper space for an apple, a pot of yoghurt, juice brick or a Coke can. There’s space for a sandwich or anything you want above and below the divider.
  • Material and Capacity: The Atlunch is made of plastic and has capacity of 1.1L.


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