Click to Go Lunch Carrier 900ml set of 2pc
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Click to Go Lunch Carrier 900ml set of 2pc

895.00 880.00


Our traditional steel lunch dabbas are given a radical and innovative makeover with Tupperware’s unique Lunch Carrier. Four inter-lockable containers are stacked and fitted together to build a lunchbox that is designed to accommodate an entire meal for your family. Each of the containers have lockable airtight lids and can be used to store or carry food separately. So that picnic lunch you’ve been planning for ages? Simplify the hassle of carrying food for it with this intelligently designed Lunch Carrier.

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Product Features

Carry meals, refrigerate food, and serve in these handy inter-lockable containers that can be stacked and locked to form a complete Lunch Carrier. Comes with a sturdy snap-on handle for ease of carrying. Ideal for carrying food for travel or picnics.

  • Airtight: The lids of all containers lock in tightly, making them airtight and ideal for dry food items.
  • Unique Tab System: Unique tab system that locks in each stacked container and creates a system to carry multiple containers in one go.
  • Handle: Comes with a sturdy, detachable handle that snaps on to the top container and allows you to carry up to 4 full containers.
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth texture makes it easy to clean the containers.
  • Material and Capacity: Each container is made of plastic and has a capacity of 900ml.


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