Tupperware Elegant Lunch Set for Women
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Tupperware Elegant Lunch Set for Women

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Indulge in healthy meal portions with the Elegant Lunch Set from Tupperware, and embrace lunchtimes like never before. This lunch set necessarily accommodates a hale and hearty meal as it comes with 3 containers, and a tumbler all packed in a chic black-colored, wide mouth, smart bag. The unique airtight, spill-proof design of the lids, and anti-slip base of all the containers make sure your food stays fresh and does not spill-over when on-the-move. Get the Elegant Lunch Set of 4 today, and we promise you’ll love it, especially the lunch bag!


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Product Features

  • Classic airtight and liquid-tight seal. Set contains 2 large containers (450ml each), 1 small container (160ml), and a tumbler (12 oz).
  • Compact and effortless to clean.
  • Protruding tab for easy opening.
  • The large containers are ideal for rice, gravies, soups, and more, the small one is ideal for sides like salads, curd, or desserts, and the tumbler is perfect for carrying, buttermilk, milkshakes or lemonade.
  • Comes in a fabulous, easy to carry, spacious bag.

Lifetime on the Plastic Container, No Warranty on Bag. Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


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