Potato, Onion, Garlic Container Mini Access Mate 2.3L (1pc)
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Potato, Onion, Garlic Container Mini Access Mate 2.3L (1pc)

1,150.00 1,130.00


Want to know the best way to store shallots, madras onions, baby potatoes, ginger and garlic? Try the Tupperware Mini Access mates. They are a mess-free and space saving storage solution that encourage air circulation and keep the contents fresh. These containers come in a red and beige colour and sit perfectly on your kitchen counter top for easy access to onion, garlic, ginger while cooking. Due to their unique opening mechanism they can be used even when they are stacked.

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Product Features

  • The Mini Access mates create an optimal atmosphere ensuring a combination of Proper humidity for minimising weight loss, helping onions and garlic to remain firm. It minimizes sprouting & rotting thus also reduces odours by minimizing condensation inside
  • When using the Mini Access mates, the dry peels of your onions or garlic will be collected in the container. So they will no longer end up at the bottom of your cupboard or on your floor or counter top
  • The opaque base contributes to the preservation of the onions, garlic, potato, ginger. The cover is designed with the ideal amount and size of holes which leaves the front of the container open for sufficient air circulation needed to store ingredients in the best possible way
  • The Mini Access mates stack easily and thanks to the specific curved design of the Mini Access mate cover, there is still sufficient air circulation into the container when another container is stacked on top of it. As the front of the container is open when the cover is on, it is easy to reach the ingredients in the container, even if another container is stacked on top


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