Tupperware Powerfree Grater Cheese Mill
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Tupperware Powerfree Grater Cheese Mill


A kitchen is only as smart as the tools in it. An efficient and easy-to-use appliance is always a huge asset in the kitchen. Like Tupperware’s Power-free Grater Cheese Mill. This is an ergonomically designed grater/cheese mill that is quick and efficient while doing regular grating and crumbling jobs in the kitchen. A plunger lets you grate an ingredient down to the last bit, ensuring there’s no wastage, and a container collects the grated ingredient cleanly, with no mess. A manual appliance, this cheese mill is designed to require minimal effort while grating. Go on – make your kitchen smarter and your time in the kitchen more efficient!

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Quick, efficient, easy-to-use manual grater cum cheese mill. Can easily grate cheese, nuts, chocolate, biscuits, soft vegetables with minimal effort exerted. The grated ingredient collects in the attached container which can be sealed to store in the fridge or to carry.

  • Construction: The cheese mill comprises of a mechanical grater with a turning handle, a plunger, a base to collect the grated ingredient and a seal. It is designed to grate all kinds of cheese, nuts, chocolate, paneer, potato, cucumber with minimal effort.
  • Easy on Fingers: Use the push-down plunger to push the last bit of cheese or other item to the grater. You not only avoid wastage this way but also prevent your fingers from scraping on sharp grater edges.
  • Smart Design: The conical design of the metal grater ensures that the grated ingredient empties quickly into the base and doesn’t block the blades. Large, ergonomic handle and the free turning knob ensure that the mill revolves effortlessly.
  • Stability: The 5 non-slip feet on the base add stability while you’re using the grater.
  • Material and Capacity: The Cheese Mill is made of plastic and has a capacity of 400ml.


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