Smart Lentils Saver 1.7 litre container (1pc)
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Smart Lentils Saver 1.7 litre container (1pc)

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Is your kitchen cupboard absolute chaos? How many containers do you open before you finally find the right one? If you’ve answered yes to either question, then you need Tupperware’s Smart Savers in your kitchen. They’re ideal for storing all kinds of food items and they fit together so beautifully that you won’t be left with a wasted inch of space in your cupboard or fridge! Their special oval space is designed to maximise usage of shelf depth. They’re also stackable and nestable. Smart Savers have airtight lids, which keeps your essentials and ingredients fresh and moisture-free. A range of Smart Savers in different sizes will make your kitchen organization more efficient and aesthetic. Get started on decluttering your kitchen now!

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Product Features

  • Airtight container for bulk storage of staples like lentils, pulses, specialty flours etc. Can also be to keep snacks and cookies fresh and crisp. A range of Smart Savers will help make your pantry better organized.
  • Airtight: Virtually airtight lid keeps moisture out and locks freshness in, making it ideal to store dry food items.
  • Easy Open: Prominent tab on the lid makes it easy to just peel it open.
  • Transparent: You can easily see the contents inside. Saves you time while pulling out the right ingredient from the pantry. Also helps you make your grocery shopping list with just a glance instead of opening containers to determine level of an item.
  • Textured Outer Surface: Fine texture on the outer walls gives a good grip in the hand. It is also scratch resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Material and Capacity: This Smart Saver is made of plastic and has a capacity of 1.7L.


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