Super Dosa Idli Batter Storer Medium 5l 1pc
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Super Dosa Idli Batter Storer Medium 5l 1pc

850.00 840.00


A versatile storage canister, the SuperStorer from Tupperware, is a much-have kitchen essential to stock up on your Dosa batter, pancake mix, and other doughs. Don’t worry! These canisters lock freshness right from when you pour in contents, all thanks to its virtually airtight lid design. A transparent window to make sure you don’t mix up, matt finish bottom to ensure it doesn’t slip off the counter, and an ergonomic design so you could squeeze it in your fridge with ease, makes this storage box indeed a SuperStorer. You can also choose to stock up dry contents like papads, khakras, and other munchies. Get one for your pantry already!

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Product Features

  • Airtight and liquid-tight lid to keep contents fresh and moisture-free.
  • A wide tab on the lid facilitates easy open, and close.
  • Translucent windows to view contents stored.
  • Anti-slip matt finish bottom, scratch, and fingerprint resistant.
  • The ergonomic design makes it a space-saver.


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