Tupperware 5 in 1 Universal Peeler
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Tupperware 5 in 1 Universal Peeler


Packed with 5 amazing features in one versatile tool, our revolutionary peeler helps cut back on kitchen prep time overall. The universal blade has two sides, so use the straight blade for hard fruits and vegetables like mangoes and potatoes, and the serrated side to gently peel softer produce like tomatoes. You’ll love how the citrus peeler/cutter does the hard work so your nails stay clean and sticky-free. Potato eye remover makes it super fast to fully prep your potatoes. The integrated herb stripper fits three sizes of fresh herbs. What’s more, the peeler is specially-designed to fit left- and right-handed cooks, adding big value to even the smallest tasks and tools.

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Peel away your preparation woes with the intelligently designed Tupperware Vegetable Peeler. This smartly designed peeler has an easy to grip broad based handle which also helps the peeler stand, so that excess water can drip away. Strengthened with surgical blades, it peels skin away in smooth, flawless swipes. Toss off the ugly eyes of potatoes and similar fruits and vegetables with a simple scoop of the tiny handle on the left of the blade. The right ring makes it easy to peel out rotten parts leaving you with cleanly peeled, smooth vegetables and fruits. The star shape on the base can be used to cut out star shaped pieces to add some fun to your salads!

  • Surgical Steel Blade which makes it easy and efficient to peel away the skin of fruits and vegetables
  • Broad base for easy grip and to make the peeler stand and drip dry
  • Left side of the blade has tiny handle to pull out vegetable and fruit eyes
  • Right side of the blade has a ring to peel out rotten parts of fruits and vegetables
  • Star shape on the base can be used to cut out star shaped pieces from fruits and vegetables


  • Colors: Black
  • Dimension: 77mm x 20mm x 108mm
  • Wash Type: Dishwasher-safe
  • Feature: BPA-Free


  • Q Warranty on blade, Lifetime warranty on Plastic. Please visitᅠour warranty pageᅠto learn more.


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