Tupperware Aquaslim Water Bottle 750 ml 2 pcs

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Let’s admit it – we all know that we should drink more water than we actually do. We keep reminding ourselves throughout the day to stay hydrated. But with Tupperware’s Aquaslim water bottles, you won’t need any reminders. These beautifully designed lightweight bottles will make you want to sip on water throughout the day. Their leak-proof fliptop caps make them ideal for carrying around the city too. Just pop them into the cup holder of your car and you’re ready to go!

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Set of 2 fliptop bottles with a slim and sleek design. Can be used for carrying water or water based beverages with you anywhere – to the gym, on your drive or to the office. They are the perfect size for night-time water bottles too. Can also be used to store water in the fridge.

  • Spill-Proof: Lightweight and spill-proof – perfect for carrying on roadtrips, treks or around the city. The leak-proof cap also lets you store these horizontally on a fridge shelf.
  • Easy Open: The fliptop cap makes it easy to open, sip, drink and pour.
  • Compact: Ergonomic, compact design fits perfectly in any refrigerator door or shelf. Can also fit in cup holders of car or be accommodated in bags.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The wide rim makes it easy to clean the bottle from inside. The wide base of the bottle keeps the bottle firmly planted and prevents it from toppling over.
  • Material and Capacity: The bottles are made of plastic and have a capacity of 750ml each.


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