Tupperware Click to Go Round Food Carrier 880ml
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Tupperware Click to Go Round Food Carrier 880ml

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Tupperware offers a solution for all those times when you’ve wanted to carry food with you and have ended up stacking various different containers in a bag only to find that the bag is difficult to carry without jostling or tilting the containers. With Tupperware’s Click To Go, all you have to do is fill the two containers with food, stack them up, lock them together with the unique tab system, click the handle on and you’re ready to carry food wherever you want to go! The containers are airtight and spill-proof, ensuring that the contents stay fresh and safe while you’re on the move. One of the containers can be used in the microwave to reheat food, making this the perfect lunch tiffin too. This is the one set that you need to simplify your life!

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Carry food wherever you go with this set of 2 portable containers. Makes an ideal tiffin for work, or when you want to carry a meal with you. Club it with other sets of its kind to carry food for a picnic or potluck. The handle can bear the weight of 4 full containers. The containers can also be repurposed for storing food in the fridge or for serving.

  • Spill-Proof: Airtight and liquid-tight lids ensure that there are no spillages or leakages when you carry food.
  • Easy Open: Lids have wide tabs for easy opening.
  • Stack Multiple Layers: Unique tab system allows you to stack and lock containers. The handle can bear the weight of up to 4 stacked full containers.
  • Microwave Reheating: Both containers are microwave friendly. One has a lid with a vent which you should open before reheating with lid on. For the other one, lid needs to be removed entirely before using in microwave.
  • Material and Capacity: The Click To Go is made of plastic and each individual container has a capacity of 880ml.


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