Tupperware Desk Coffee Tea MUG 400 ML RED (1pc)
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Tupperware Desk Coffee Tea MUG 400 ML RED (1pc)

1,500.00 1,495.00

Stuck in a meeting, bored, and all you have in front of you is a small cup of coffee with the coffee quickly cooling? Let Tupperware offer you a solution with its insulated Desk Mug that fits a large cup of a beverage of your choice and keeps it warm! No more endless refills at the vending machine and no more beverages thrown because they went from hot and appealing to cool and unappetizing while you were distracted with work. With the Desk Mug on your office desk, you can be sure that you’ll have warm coffee or tea to fuel you up whenever you want. Tupperware adds little joys to your daily life!

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A double-walled, vacuum insulated desk mug in a bright and cheery red colour. Will keep your tea, coffee or any other beverage hot while you’re busy at work. The accompanying dust cover can be used to cover up your beverage when you have to leave the desk. The mug has a large capacity and can easily accommodate two small cups of beverage.

  • Insulated: The inner mug has double steel walls that are vacuum insulated to retain temperature of beverages. Can keep your beverage hot or cold. You can choose to warm up the inside of the mug with hot water before pouring in your beverage.
  • Outer Jacket: The steel mug has an outer plastic jacket with handle that doesn’t let surface of mug get hot. Can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Dust Cover: The mug comes with a dust cover that has a silicone gasket. It will protect your beverage from dust or flies if you leave it unattended.
  • Large Capacity: The Desk Mug easily fits in two small cups of beverage. That means fewer refills and fewer interruptions while you’re working.
  • Material and Capacity: The Desk Mug is made of steel and plastic and has a capacity of 400ml.


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