Tupperware Freezermate 300ml 2pc

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Want to freeze leftovers for later? Choose the Tupperware Freezermate, an ergonomically designed set for your freezer and refrigerator where you can store small ingredients or smaller quantities. Freezermate is one of a kind product which expands and adjusts to help you freeze items stored inside without breaking the container. These smart plastic containers also prevent the formation of ice crystals keeping your food fresh for longer.

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  • Prevents formation of ice-crystals, thereby retaining thee food’s colour and texture for longer
  • Faster, more efficient freezing and defrosting due to the exclusive six-sided air flow.
  • Space saving in the freezer. Air-tight seal with tab for easy removal and freshness.
  • Classic sheer material and polished windows helps to identity the contents easily.
  • Round corners and a recessed bottom allow air flow around and between stacked containers.

Applicable for Lifetime Warranty. Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


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