Tupperware Fun Lemon Bowl 300ml
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Tupperware Fun Lemon Bowl 300ml

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Elevate the smart quirky quotient of your kitchen with the Tupperware lemon bowl. Designed in the shape of a cut citrus fruit, it comes with a fun, aesthetic seal which makes it stand out with regular storers. It is perfect to store segments of citrus fruit and can also be used in the gym.

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  • Can be used in the fridge and on the go. Looks great on the counter top.
  • The container is inclined, which makes it is easy to access the contents.
  • The seal has a generous tab that makes it easy to open and close the product.
  • The Fun Lemon Bowl can be used to store and serve lemon, lime or other citrus fruits.
  • This fun container can be used to take a cut fruit, ᄑ orange or another snack with you.

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