Tupperware Manual Juicer 500ml
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Tupperware Manual Juicer 500ml

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Ever wish that you could start your morning with a freshly squeezed glass of citrus juice instead of the sugar-laden stuff that comes out of a pack? Tupperware’s Manual Juicer makes it possible. An easy-to-use cold-press citrus juicer, this device is designed to save you time, energy and will reduce the need for electricity. Tupperware’s juicer is ergonomically designed to get the maximum juice out of citrus fruits. The profiled ribs on the juicer and the well-placed draining holes make juicing easy and productive. The inverted plunger helps the ribs to work on the fruit, extracting all the juice easily. The collar has 3 different positions – closed, for straining and for pouring. Juicing has never been simpler or as much fun as it is with Tupperware!

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Manual cold-press juicer – consists of base, perforated-reversible collar and hollow plunger. Easily extracts maximum juice out of citrus fruits and other soft fruits. Smart design features make it comfortable to use and prepare juices in a healthy way without using electricity.

  • Smart Collar: Profiled ribs on the collar maximise the amount of juice extracted. Notches on the collar ensure a secure fit on the base. Draining holes make sure that every drop of juice gets through.
  • Ergonomic plunger: Provides a secure grip while pressing. Acts as a mortar.
  • Collar with 3 different positions: Closed for storage, for straining and open position for pouring. Pictograms etched on the collar guide the user.
  • Secure Grip: Indented base to provide a secure grip when you hold it for juicing.
  • High-Rimmed Collar: Catches seeds and pulps easily and lets juice drain through.


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