Tupperware Mega Magic Plastic Flow, 1.1 litres 1pc
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Tupperware Mega Magic Plastic Flow, 1.1 litres 1pc

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Working in the kitchen should be enjoyable and it only becomes so when you don’t have to worry about stains, leaking bottles and the post-cooking clean up. Let Tupperware solve some of your problems and make your time in the kitchen hassle free. Tupperware’s Mega Magic Flow Dispenser is one such perfect solution. Specially designed for dispensing oil or vinegar while you’re cooking, this container has a slanted spout, leak-proof lid and a hole in the top which allows all the excess oil to go back. No more oil rings on the counter! The large capacity can easily accommodate your daily cooking oil requirements. The Mega Magic Flow is versatile and designed for convenience.

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Oil or vinegar dispenser with special spout for smooth flow straight onto cooking pots. The liquid-tight seal ensures leak-free handling and clean kitchen countertops. Ideally suited for storing and dispensing oil and vinegar but can be used for condiments too.

  • Easy Pour: Slanted spout allows easy, even flow with no drips.
  • See-through windows: Allows visibility of contents and their level.
  • No Mess Container: The hole in the lid allows the excess oil to go back into the container. Your container will not become sticky with residual oil and neither will your countertop. Anti-slip base ensures that your container will stay planted on the countertop.
  • Built In Teaspoon: The detachable cap on the seal measures one teaspoon. Convenience!
  • Material and Capacity: The dispenser is made of plastic and has a capacity of 1.1L.


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