Tupperware Modular Spice Shaker 4pc Small Containers
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Tupperware Modular Spice Shaker 4pc Small Containers

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Does everyone in your family eat the same level of salt in food? Do you like some pepper sprinkled on your salad or your raita or some extra chilli flakes for your pizza? We bet you have salt and pepper shakers on your table then but do you have these versatile and efficient Tupperware Spice Shakers? Meant for use in both the kitchen and on the dining table, these spice shakers can be used in multiple ways – for Italian seasoning and chilli flakes, for rock salt and chaat masala or for regular salt and pepper. Easy to carry, they can be used to sprinkle spice or take it out with a spoon. Let your family have food according to their taste!

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Spice storage containers, sleek, space saving, modular – designed to save space on the open shelf and access easily while preparing food. Double-hinged dispensing system allows for pouring or sprinkling.

  • Sprinkle or Pour: Double-hinged tops on these containers make it easy to spoon, sprinkle or pour out your favorite spices.
  • Modular and Space Saving: Save space on your open shelf and access spices easily while cooking. You can use them also on the dining table.
  • Polished window: The polished window on the base makes it easy to identify the contents and modular design allows stacking for compact storage.
  • Easy to Clean: Polished inside surface facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Material and Capacity: The spice shakers are made of plastic and come in two capacities, 265 ml and 115ml.


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