Tupperware Premier Lunch Set

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What a delight it is to be able to have ‘ghar ka khaana’ in your lunch hour on a typically busy workday! Soft rotis with dal and paneer, and an accompanying glass of sweet lassi – sounds impractical in the office, but Tupperware makes it possible with its Premier Lunch Set. Two liquid-tight containers for your dals and curries, one airtight box for your rotis or rice and a spill-proof tumbler for your favorite beverage – all 4 together fit in a wholesome, balanced homecooked meal. The containers fit compactly into a smart and stylish lunch bag. Sling it over your shoulder and take a piece of your home to work!

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Tupperware’s solution to carry an entire nutritious, homecooked meal to work. The Premier Lunch Set consists of four containers – 2 liquid-tight containers for dals and gravies, one airtight container for rice or rotis and a sealed tumbler for beverages.

  • Liquid-tight: The two Tropical bowls are fitted with liquid-proof lids which prevent spilling and leakage. These containers are ideal for carrying curries, gravies and dal.
  • Airtight: The Square Away container has a virtually airtight lid which keeps rice and rotis fresh.
  • Beverage tumbler: The Tupperware tumbler locks in the liquid and prevents it from spilling or leaking.
  • Suited for One: The size of the containers is ideal for carrying a perfect, balanced meal for one person. No over-eating and no wastage.
  • Carry More: The stylish lunch bag has ample space to accommodate these 4 containers and yet have space for a fruit or a snack.


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