Tupperware Rectangle Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 160ml 6pc
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Tupperware Rectangle Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 160ml 6pc

930.00 750.00


If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen at all, you’ll know the importance of having versatile, mini-sized containers for your storage needs. And there’s nothing better than Tupperware’s Keep Tab range of containers. Meal prep, cut fruit or vegetables, small quantities of leftovers, snacks – anything at all can be stored in the Keep Tab containers. Their airtight lids and modular, stackable design makes them the perfect addition to your kitchen. And their compact size makes them ideal to carry snacks in for when you’re on the move or as snack-boxes for your children. They can also be used to organize small accessories. Use them whichever way you choose – Keep Tabs redefine versatility!

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Mini multi-utility containers for fresh or cut ingredients in the refrigerator. Can be used for storage or for carrying snacks while you’re on the go. Convenient, large easy-to-open tab and stackable design make it ideal for organizing small accessories too.

  • Airtight: The Keep Tab containers are virtually airtight, making them ideal for storing dry foods.
  • Easy Open: Prominent, large tab allows easy opening of the lid.
  • Modular, Compact Design: Keep Tabs are stackable and take up very little space. Can be stacked up easily in the fridge, on the shelf, or you can pop a couple of them in your bag while you’re on the go.
  • Easy Clean: Smooth inner surface of the containers makes it easy to clean and maintain them.
  • Material and Capacity: Keep Tabs are made of plastic and have a capacity of 160ml each.


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