Tupperware Smart Manual Chopper 1pc 300 ml
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Tupperware Smart Manual Chopper 1pc 300 ml

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Picture yourself chopping onions, tears streaming down your face. Or picture yourself chopping nuts that keep getting away from the knife. Woeful everyday kitchen tales, right? Now visualize a superhero of your kitchen – the saviour of all tears, the banisher of extra knives and the rescuer of runaway nuts. Presenting the Tupperware Smart Chopper – a convenient, energy-efficient, manual chopper that works with an easy to use pull-cord mechanism. Its sharp blades easily slice through vegetables, nuts, cheese, fruit and herbs. Making a salsa? The Smart Chopper to the rescue. Making a dip? The Smart Chopper will help. This compact device is the answer to all your prayers!

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Manual chopper that uses retractable pull-cord system and sharp blades to get your meal prep done in no time at all. Lightweight body and steady grip on surface makes it easy and convenient to use. Use it for chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese or for making chutneys, dressings and dips.

  • Manual Mechanism: Retractable pull-cord that can be pulled to work the blades with minimal effort. Saves electricity usage.
  • Safety Lock: The lid can be locked on to the base efficiently and tightly, making the chopper extremely safe to use.
  • Sharp Blades: Three sharp blades cut through fruits and vegetables neatly. They deliver approximately 255 knife cuts in 15 seconds.
  • Stable Base: Its anti-skid base keeps the chopper firmly planted on the countertop while you use it.
  • Material and Capacity: The body is made of plastic while the blades are made of steel. Capacity of 300ml.

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  1. Kishan Naik (verified owner)

    Best Product!!
    1. Easy to use
    2. Time Saving
    3. Handle with care

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