Tupperware Snack Plate Snacketizer 2pc 100ml
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Tupperware Snack Plate Snacketizer 2pc 100ml

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Trust Tupperware to bring you exciting, innovative solutions for storing, serving and cooking in the kitchen! Like this unique Snacketizer plate that offers a range of uses. This oval-shaped plate has a circular indent on one side, making it perfect for fitting in a cup of tea or a bowl of dip. No need of separate plates and saucers for your evening tea. Prop your cup into the indent, put your snacks or biscuits on the side, and you’re ready for tea! The plate can also be used to serve chips and dip. These stackable plates don’t take too much space. The curvy lines of the plates are appealing and designed to impress. So, give in to Tupperware’s innovation and get yourself a unique item for your kitchen!

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Set of two divided plates that offer a solution to serve beverages and snacks together. Can also be used to serve chips and dip or nachos and salsa. The indent in the plate makes sure the cup or bowl doesn’t slide off. Use them for serving tea and snacks together at tea-parties.

  • Serving: Designed to hold a cup of beverage and snacks or cookies together.
  • Ergonomic, Modular: Lightweight, compact design. Can be stacked to save space in the cabinet.
  • Easy Clean: Smooth upper finish makes it easy to clean. Can be wiped clean easily too.
  • Firm grip: Textured bottom surface allows a firm grip, making it easy to serve or hold.
  • Material and Capacity: The Snacketizer plates are made of plastic and have a capacity of 100ml each.


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