Tupperware Spoon & Fork Cutlery (1pc each)
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Tupperware Spoon & Fork Cutlery (1pc each)

225.00 220.00


A pen is to a writer what cutlery is to a foodie. It’s a signature! Choose smart with Tupperware’s slim and easy to carry Cutlery set. It is also easy to clean, is travel friendly and quickly becomes your personal cutlery and travel companion.

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  • Unique Cutlery that can be carried on the go
  • Comfortable grip making it easy for kids to eat with.
  • Slim sleek cutlery that is easy to carry in your lunch bag.
  • Helps in creating a habit among kids to eat hygienically when outside
  • Comes in Red & Black colour.

Applicable for Lifetime Warranty. Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


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