Tupperware Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 1.2l 1pc
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Tupperware Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 1.2l 1pc

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Tupperware’s storage solutions are legendary, and perhaps one of the most practical set of containers that you can purchase is the Keep Tab series of containers. Their compact, modular design, clean lines, varied sizes and airtight lids make them versatile and eminently useful. This set of 4 medium-capacity containers is ideal for storing food prep like cut fruits and vegetables, and leftovers. Their airtight lids that keep food fresh longer make them suitable for dry food items. Their stackable design saves space in the fridge or in your kitchen. These convenient containers can also be used to carry food for an outing or a picnic. Keep a couple of them in your office bag to carry lunch to work! Keep Tabs redefine versatility!

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Multi-purpose containers for storing all variety of dry food items. Use them for storing meal prep or leftovers in the fridge. Can also be easily carried to work or for an outing. Convenient size also makes them handy for storing accessories and other household items.

  • Airtight: The Keep tab containers are virtually airtight and thus are ideal for storing and carrying solid food items and knick knacks.
  • Easy Open: Prominent tab on the lid makes it easy to open.
  • Modular Design: Compact enough to be carried. Stackable and space-saving. Fits the tightest corners of your refrigerator.
  • Easy Maintenance: Smooth inner walls make it easy to clean. Textured outer walls are scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant.
  • Material and Capacity: The Keep Tabs are made of plastic and have a capacity of 1.2L each.


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