Tupperware Tea maker Teaz Me Strainer

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Craving for a strong cup of tea made with good quality tea leaves instead of your usual tea bag? Let Tupperware’s Tea Maker simplify the job for you. Simply place your exotic tea leaves in the cavity and place the infuser in a cup of hot water. The special smart design lets the tea be infused efficiently and quickly, with no bits of leaves seeping into the drink and no mess on the counter. So pull out all those fancy teas and tisanes you’ve been hoarding but have been too lazy to make, strain and drink. Upgrade your tea-time with Tupperware!

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Smartly-designed tea infuser with good temperature resistance (100 deg C). Keeps tea leaves separate from your tea. Ideal for making teas, herbal teas and tisanes quickly and efficiently.

  • Smart Design: Make the infuser stand vertically on its stem once pulled out of tea. The excess water will run into the cone section, keeping your counters clean. Does not retain water – no leakages. The filter can be separated for cleaning.
  • Ergonomic Design: Curved handle is easy to use and stir with.
  • Temperature Range: Can be used at high temperatures (100 degree celsius hot water).
  • Fast Infusing: Smart holed design make it as fast as a metal wired strainer.
  • Safety: Handle design prevents your fingers from getting burnt!


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