Tupperware Whole Fruits and Vegetable Storer Fridgesmart 1.6l 1pc
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Tupperware Whole Fruits and Vegetable Storer Fridgesmart 1.6l 1pc

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There’s nothing as satisfying as having a refrigerator well-stocked with fresh produce. It’s so convenient to buy a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables and not have to run out for every little thing you might require during cooking. But how do you store those fruits and vegetables so that they stay fresh till you decide to use them? You use the intelligently designed Tupperware’s Whole Fruits and Vegetables Storer Fridgesmart. With its unique venting mechanism, the Fridgesmart allows you to save a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables without worrying about them spoiling due to too much moisture or not enough air. Storing green, leafy veggies – open both the vents since they like air. Storing oranges and carrots – open one vent for moderate air circulation. For cucumbers and berries, close both vents. The Fridgesmart is transparent and compact and will not take up too much space in the fridge – all while organizing your veggies and fruits efficiently. Ridges at the bottom allow moisture released from vegetables to collect, keeping the veggies above the ridge, so that they don’t start rotting in their own moisture. Fridgesmart is the only intelligent choice if you want to store fresh produce for longer.

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For compact and convenient storage of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Has a unique venting mechanism that adjusts the air circulation according to the produce being stored. Ridges at the bottom collect excess moisture, preventing produce from decaying quickly.

  • Easy Identification: Rectangular, transparent box for easy identification of fruits and vegetables being stored.
  • Increased Shelf Life: Ridges at the bottom prevent the moisture collected at the bottom of the box from touching the stored fruits or vegetables, thus increasing their shelf life.
  • Uniform cooling: Ridges at the bottom allow for air circulation at the bottom too, thus cooling all the food items uniformally.
  • Storage Tips: 1. Keep both vents open for heavy breathing fruits and vegetables like coriander, spinach, other leafy greens, peas (in pods), broccolis, sweet corn. 2. Keep 1 vent open and 1 vent closed for vegetables and fruits that require moderate air circulation – beans, lettuce (all types), leeks, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, fresh herbs, peppers (sweet, hot and others), citrus fruits, ripe apples and pears. 3. Keep both vents closed for light breathers like mushrooms, radishes, brinjal, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, beetroot, cucumber, cherries, berries (raspberries, strawberries, red berries), figs, and grapes.
  • Material and Capacity: The Fridgesmart is made of plastic and has a capacity of 1.6L.


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