Tupperware U Series Paring Knife
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Tupperware U Series Paring Knife

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At times you need precision in your chopping and cutting – that’s when a paring knife comes in. And Tupperware’s U Series Paring Knife is your best choice. Compact and sleek, this paring knife fits in your hand easily and is mighty handy when peeling fruits or vegetables or when doing precision work like deseeding tomatoes or hulling strawberries. Got a load of prawns to devein? Enter Tupperware’s Paring Knife. Want to make a nice carrot garnish for your salad? This paring knife again. Once you start using it, you’ll realize how indispensable it is. As they say, big things do come in small packages!

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Beautifully designed high-quality surgical stainless steel paring knife for precision and clean cutting. A super sharp blade and a short handle lets this knife fit compactly into your hand for total control over direction, precision and impact.

  • Quality: Highly durable taper ground stainess steel blade for sharp, precise cutting. High quality plastic handle.
  • Easy Handling: Small, compact size and sharp blade for deft handling and easy precision peeling and chopping.
  • Non-slip handle: High gloss, ergonomically designed and etched handle for a firm grip.
  • Usage: Most suitable for precision work like peeling fruits and vegetables, deseeding chillis or tomatoes and hulling strawberries. Also for intricate work like deveining shrimp. Can also be used to score meat before marinating or grilling.
  • Protective Sheath: The sharp blade slides easily into the knife’s protective sheath for safe storage when not in use.


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